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3 Factors that can affect your Eagan Flooring

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

3 Factors That Could Affect Your Eagan Flooring are durability, damp resistance and maintenance. At Carpet and Flooring Sales, we have been serving Eagan, Lakeville and Apple Valley for years. We bring the store to you and our experts will help you select the right flooring for your room.

Durability - you want to make sure that the flooring will stand up to the traffic and everyday wear and tear that you may have in your Eagan, Lakeville or Apple Valley home. When we come to your home with samples, we will explain the differences and work with you to help you select one that is durable and fits your budget. For example, a home office may need different flooring than a mud room.

Damp Resistance - if you are considering flooring for a bathroom or kitchen, we will bring you samples that are damp resistant. You'll be amazed at the options and have the confidence that the floors will be slip resistant and resist water absorption.

Maintenance - Something we are asked at Carpet and Flooring Sales, "how hard is it to maintenance?" Advances in flooring now include options that are great for pets, kids, those with allergies and more. Simply reach out to us and we'll bring you samples that will fit your lifestyle and maintenance needs.

Reach out today - Carpet and Flooring Sales serves Eagan, Lakeville and Apple Valley.


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